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Startup Kahani is a one-stop destination for all those who have an idea available to share their stuff about their company or business. Whether you have a start-up or whether you are dealing with sales, marketing, and business and so on, if you have content to share and want others to know about your policies, then we are here for you. This depends on the user which type of content they wish to share, but it is important that is the same is dealing with the subject only. If irrelevant stuff is there, then it will not be entertained on our portal at all.

Before you join us, you need to understand about few terms and conditions.

Terms and conditions to follow before submitting articles and stories:-

  1. The length of the article must be more than 800 words and minimum to be 500.
  2. The content must be present in third person or indirect English.
  3. The article must convey about your plans considering to upcoming task started its products or services and so on.
  4. There will be no backlinks or hyperlinks available in the content or article.
  5. The content must be plag-free.
  6. After the submission of articles, you have no right over it, and it is the whole sole property of Startup Kahani.
  7. The grammar of the article must be appropriate, and sentence formation must be up to the mark.
  8. In case we have rejected any article, there might be a chance we cannot notify you due to a large number of submissions every day.
  9. The Startup Kahani team will identify whether they are ready to put the article or not. Until and unless they will not give any confirmation to the same, the article will not be published at all.

An individual needs to understand that whenever they are coming to Startup Kahani, they are not compromising with any of the factors and also making the contents plagiarized-free. In case it is there, then the content will be rejected immediately without any notice.

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